Friday, 14 June 2013

Shoulder To Shoulder for Crazy With Twins

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Today it is my turn to co-host this wonderful blog hop and send a smile to Emma at Crazy with Twins

Emma recently had to undergo radiotherapy treatment for thyroid cancer. Due to her being radioactive whilst she underwent treatment Emma would be isolated in hospital and once home this isolation would continue. Emma could not hug her husband, 5yr old daughter or twins or go within 3 metres of any human for up to a month.

Emma has been inspirational throughout her own battle, she is running Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK with Sarah Mum of 3 (you can sponsor Emma or Sarah here), she has also wanted us to highlight the importance of getting any suspicious lumps checked!

Driven by Firefly Phil and Verily Victoria Vocalises the blogging community have been standing shoulder to shoulder with her throughout the process creating the #S2S2D campaign 

I thought by this time we would really need to be doing our best to keep Emma in high spirits, being away from the family so long, BUT Emma’s body has expelled the radiation in record time and she was sent home for family hugs 13 days ago, which was amazing.

Its amazing I remembered to put the right amount of candles on the cake!!

So now it is my turn to try and raise a smile!
As most of you know I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with baby number seven, now as any lady that has been pregnant, there is a non medical condition (It should be one!) known as Baby Brain, which quite frankly means the most intelligent of women is unable to complete simple tasks, without the aid of a notebook or memo board...

I have absolutely no idea where all of our brain cells go in this nine month period, but as you can imagine I have had 60 months in total of Baby Brain, which has not been good.

So far this pregnancy I have
- Put the dishwasher on at least twice for each load, or began emptying it when I haven't even switched it on...
-Searched high and low for the washing powder that I bought at the shops, only to find it upstairs in the bathroom!!
-The teabags in the fridge (still in the box!)
-The children think its hilarious that I have the inability to remember any of their names, especially when I call the girls by the boys names and vice versa.
-Dressed the 2 year old in his 7 year old brothers shorts, thinking they were his trousers, I couldn't work out why they kept falling down...
- Had a full conversation with my husband, which I swear he answered me, only to be informed by the sniggering teenager that he had gone to the shops 10 minutes earlier!!
-Sent the 4 year old to preschool with her top on back to front (the older children are learning, they now check before we all leave the house!)

So there you have it, complete brain meltdown, I now have a small notebook with me to note down important information, I have learnt to use the calendar on my blackberry, just in case I forget which children to pick up from where, and if it gets any worse over the next 12 weeks, I am sure the family will attached a note saying "If found please return to our home address..."

Big hugs and kisses to you Emma
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  1. Haha. I have found that baby brain has not left yet and the twins are a year now! My long term memory is fantastic but my short term memory is dire!

    Thankyou for your support and getting involved with #S2S2D

  2. Haha sounds like me on a normal day and you'd think I could remember the names I gave each child but regularly it's not the case! xx

  3. I heard once that when we are pregnant our brains shrink to the size of a mans haha. I suffer from it terribly x