Monday, 14 November 2011

Minnies Bow Toons starts 18th November - Don't Miss It

 Minnie Mouse gets her first very own TV series.

As many of you know Eowyn is a HUGE Disney Fan, and she has shown a real love for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, that was, until, she saw the advert for Minnie's very own show ...

Starting on Friday 18th November at 10.50am, on Disney Junior, the Sky+ box is already set, as I have a feeling this will be requested time and time again....

Known for her signature polka dot dresses and over-sized hair bows, Minnie Mouse made her first appearance alongside her leading man, Mickey Mouse, in the classic animated short Steamboat Willie, where she played a damsel in distress.  Whilst Minnie and Mickey Mouse are forever inseparable, Minnie’s Bow-Toons gives Minnie the chance to embark on her greatest solo adventure yet.

In the stylish new series of shorts, Minnie demonstrates the fashion flair that has inspired countless imitations, style icons and celebrities. Together with good friend Daisy Duck, Minnie runs Bow-Tique, a specialty shop, which stocks only bows and bow-ties. No matter what the occasion, Minnie has a bow (or bow-tie) for every possible situation. From using a rubber bow to fix some leaky pipes or shredded bows to make pom poms for a cheerleader – she has the answer!

We have had a sneaky peak at an episode and so far Eowyn has watched it 10 times, so I think this is going to be a hit with all the little girls out there.

The newly branded, learning-focused Disney Junior reflects the emotional and connection, generations of consumers have to Disney storytelling and Disney characters, both classic and contemporary.

Disney Junior's programming invites mum and dad to join their child in the Disney experience of magical, musical and heartfelt stories and characters, while incorporating specific learning and development themes designed for kids aged 2-7. Disney Junior's animated and live action series blend Disney's unparalleled storytelling and characters kids love deeply with learning, including math, language skills, healthy eating and lifestyles, and social skills.

This channel is a firm favourite with Eowyn, Tyrus seems to also like it, but I think that has more to do with the bright colours and nice music.
It has been known that all six children will sit and watch Mickey Mouse together, proving that Disney really is suitable for lots of different ages.

Today I took Eowyn into a shop where she saw a poster of Mickey Mouse, she immediately began dancing and singing the theme tune for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....

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