About Us

The Girls

My name Is Mandi Jane Morrison. I am aged mid 30s and a qualified Nursery Nurse, I have  a BA(hons) degree in Childhood and Youth Studies.
I own www.birthpoolsonline.co.uk providing women with a heated birth pool for a lovely homebirth, which I adore, it is wonderful hearing all of the birth stories.
I am a breastfeeding peer supporter and Chairperson of the local Maternity Services Liaison Committee and the school PTA.
I have been with my husband Asa for 17 years and we have been married for 12 years.
I do not have much time for hobbies as I am pretty much a full time mum to our seven wonderful children, which leaves very little spare time!
I do enjoy reading, and I used to love Horse Riding, one day I hope to own another horse, but that will be very much in the future...
I love watching all types of films and listening to a wide variety of music.

In April 1998 we had our first daughter that we named Xene, meaning a Welcome Stranger, she is now a very willowy teenager, taller than me and a complete bookworm, she plays second mum to all her little siblings and she is currently taking her GCSEs, including Drama, Media and Textiles.

In April 2003 we welcomed our next daughter Neva, meaning Snow as my husband adores the white stuff! She is the most laid back of the six and is animal mad, her dream is to own a farm or pettng zoo when she is older and an author, this has been her dream since the age of six and I really can't see it ever changing.

In November 2008 we had our final little girl, that we named Eowyn, meaning lover of horses, as I used to be a keen horse rider and I am hoping that someone may share my passion. Being the fifth child means she is most definitely the most outgoing of them all, already at the age of nearly four she rules the roost!!

The Boys.

My husband is Asa, he is in his early forties , he is an independent Leisure and Tourism Consultant
He is a keen rugby player and plays for Broadland-Great Yarmouth RFC, which he is also the Chairman.
He has lots of varied interests and LOVES the outdoors.
We met whilst working together behind the bar at the local Leisure Centre, it was Asa's part-time job whilst finishing his degree in Leisure and Tourism, who knew that the meeting in summer 1996 would change his life forever!!

In April 2000 we had our first son, as my husband's family has a strong Scottish connection, we decided to call him Lochlan meaning from the Land of Lochs, although most people call him Lochi. He is a computer whizz and I call on him often when I need help with the computer!! He is a typical 13 year old boy, loves all things gaming and gadgety.

To break the mould (and to save going completely broke each April) we had Kaide in September 2005, his name keeping with the Scottish theme meaning from the Wet Lands. Kaide is the Sportsman of the family, he has a natural talent for any sport that he has a go at, and has been kicking a football accurately into a goal since the age of three.

Our next little man Tyrus was born at home in June 2011, his name means Thunder, he is pretty chilled, but just reaching the terrible twos, he can often be found trying to flood the downstairs cloakroom or sprinkling sugar on the kitchen floor saying "Here chickies"!!

Finally in September this year we had our fourth little boy, changing the girl, boy sequence. A lovely waterbirth, welcomed Viggo to our family, his name means lightning to go with his Big Bro. He was the heaviest of all the children, weighing in at a very impressive 9lb 6oz. He has the most amazing head of spiky hair and is growing rapidly!