Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunting with Waitrose

Every year the Easter Bunny leaves the children's eggs hidden throughout our garden, regardless of the weather and the children LOVE it, they search everywhere, because they never know how tall the Easter Bunny has grown and if they may be on top of tall places like the chicken coop.
If your children enjoy hunting for their Easter Eggs, or even just a treasure hunt around the garden or in the house, Waitrose have the perfect hunt to give you a helping hand.
Its all about new life and Spring. The children have to find the question and matching answers that you have hidden (maybe with a little chocolate treat).
You can find it here.

As we were kindly sent the Game and some Easter treats a little earlier, the children used the game as part of Neva's 11th birthday party.

They had great fun, although they can get quite competitive!

Kaide was the best at finding the Questions and matching them with the answers.


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