Monday, 28 April 2014

What Time Is It ?

Since having the children, my time keeping has become, lets say a little worse!
Before I had the children I would always be on time, or even a little earlier to every appointment or meeting, but the last sixteen years I have been no quite so prompt...
Nearly every year Asa or my parents buy me a watch for Christmas or Birthday, some people I know have the same watch for years, however I do have a tendency to destroy them, either smashing the glass or finding it in the washing machine/tumble drier.

So when someone mentioned The Watch Hut I decided to take a look, I know Christmas is quite far away and I have already had my birthday, but its never too early to start dropping hints!! 

I love bangle/bracelet type watches, although I do struggle with the size as I only have little wrists and some do just slip straight off.

My favourite watch is a DKNY Roundabout, which is available is four colour choices, not only that but The Watch Hut has a free bracelet sizing option, you just put what size bracelet you require in the comments section, so no more loose watches!

They have some amazing watches for Men,but completely pointless in our household as Asa has NEVER worn a watch since the day I met him, incredibly he has a fantastic sense of time and can usually give me the correct time, with no watch or clock in sight!

The girls LOVE any kind of jewellery and accessories. and the choice of girls watches on the website is great, from Hello Kitty to Snow White, with lots of girlie patterns in between, the boys watches are bright and colouful and perfect for the younger children to learn to tell the time.

So, until Christmas I guess I shall keep TRYING to get to places on time, but eventually maybe someone will take pity on me and buy me a new watch, like the ones above hint hint.

However the five biggest children are always at school on time, even if I never have the yummy mummy look, I call it the `just got out of bed and haven't had time to do anything other than get the children ready' look....

This is a sponsored post, but I really would like that watch for Christmas!!

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  1. Lol, I am terrible with watches too, that one is lovely though