Wednesday, 27 February 2013


With a large family transport is always a headache as you can imagine, we now need a vehicle that can transport nine people, which does not leave us with many choices!!
When we start looking for a car I like to know what other owners think of the car, so am very keen to read reviews, from people that have experienced the vehicle first hand.
The vehicle manufacturer Kia, which is one of Kaide's favourite brands, due to having three of his letters in it, have partnered up with the review site Reevoo, who collect, collate and publish car reviews from Kia owners.

All of the reviews are from genuine Kia owners and they are not edited in any way, each vehicle has a large amount of reviews, so it isn't just a few people commenting, some types have over 1000 reviews on the site, so you can really get an in depth knowledge of a particular vehicle, which is certainly something I would find very useful and may save consumers time and money. How many times have you thought you knew exactly what car you wanted, only to save up for it, drive it for a few weeks and decide that actually it isn't as great as you thought it was going to be!! (or is that just me...)
I think this is an excellent idea that I would like to see more car manufacturers sign up to, purchasing a vehicle is not a small purchase and any help to get the perfect vehicle would be most welcome.
If you are a Kia owner yourself, why not stop by the Reevoosite and add your own verdict, you never know, your words may be the difference between someone buying a Kia or something unsuitable!!

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Kent Teach - Competition Results

You may remember back in November I told you about a facebook competition run by Kent County Council, to raise people's awareness of the job possibilities Teaching in Kent has to offer, the rules of the competition were simple competition entrants were invited to submit a story on what they think their life could be like if they lived in Kent.
The Competition Winner was a lady called Kat who came for a Weekend in Kent with her son Charlie, they had an amazing weekend, you can check out their itinerary by visiting the Perfect Kent Day facebook page. It certainly looks like they made the most of the weekend, including a trip to Leeds Castle and Canterbury Cathedral.
I love the county of Kent and it would certainly be somewhere we may look to for job opportunities in the future, with my husband working in tourism, there are certainly many outstanding attractions that would suit his line of work, I have very fond memories of it as a child, and visit old friends there often.
If we had won the competition I am very sure the list of things to do would be slightly less gentle and relaxing, more chaotic and lively, but that is the joy of having lots of children, the thought of having a weekend away with just my husband is quite appealing, but I can't see this happening for a number of years, who knows, maybe in the future Asa and I will visit Kent for a quiet relaxing break, until then it will be endless attractions and noisy activities to keep the children amused!

I think the competition was an excellent way for Kent Teach to showcase what the area has to offer, and it would be wonderful to see other parts of the country doing the same.

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Two weeks In Pictures 41/365 - 54/365

Well I didn't even manage to get my photos posted last week, so I thought I would do the entire two weeks, for you here!!
41/365 Tyrus found a new, comfortable chair to watch TV!

42/365 The boys are teaching Tyrus to say Spiderman!

43/365 Two snuggly boys!
44/365 Eowyn trying on daddy's American Football Kit!

45/365 Neva relaxing!

46/365 Kaide and Lochi playing against each other on the PC and laptop!
47/365 Eowyn designing characters on the X Box!
48/365 A trip to the local Priory
49/365 Visiting the llamas.
50/365 At The Woods
51/365 At the Park

52/365 At the Beach

53/365 Is It Time for them to go back to  school yet, i'm exhausted!!

54/365 Lego Building Day !

There you go, two weeks in photos, phew, only one day left until they all return to school and preschool and Tyrus gets the whole place to himself again!!

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Tower Block DVD Review

Asa and I LOVE films, with very limited babysitting available, most of our relaxation time is spent watching movies, this has been the case for the past 15 years!!

When we were given the opportunity to review Tower Block from Lionsgate, I jumped at the chance. We love a wide range of films and this one definitely appealed to us, as we love a good thriller.

When Jimmy is brutally murdered by two hooded figures, the residents of the Serenity House tower block are witnesses to the killing but, fearing retribution, are too scared to give detectives any information and the police investigation is going nowhere.

One year later, someone has decided to take justice into their own hands. Picked off one by one, the tenants of the tower block are under threat from a mystery sniper who has set deadly traps throughout the building keeping them prisoner in their own homes.

Unsure of why they have been targeted, the group put their differences aside and undertake daring attempts to escape the building. But with every exit leading to another death, will they ever escape ?

From the very beginning the film grabbed me, it was a non stop hub of activity and we both really enjoyed the entire film, seeing the tower blocks reminded me of when I used to drive to London to visit my grandparents, the entire skyline used to be filled with them.

The cast was a real mix of people and they all worked very well together, this is not the type of film that you can nip off halfway through to make a cup of tea, if you do I would recommend pausing it, otherwise you will miss lots of the action, it really did have me on the edge of my seat in parts, and had me hooked until the very end, it was very hard to guess what was going to happen next, and certainly didn't turn out as I thought it would!!

Without giving too much away, this is definitely a film I would recommend you watch on DVD or Blu ray.
It is released today - 18th February 2013
A perfect film night choice.

Maternity Fashion

We will remember the summer of 2012 with many things: The Olympics, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the warm sunny days and of course the Hollywood Baby season, marked by the pregnancies of a lot of Hollywood stars. I would like to focus more on how our favourite stars pulled off the maternity look!
1. Siena Miller. The prize for the best dress mom goes to the lovely 30 year-old actress. The more her pregnancy progressed the better she looked! Maternity definitely left its mark on her, but in the most amazing way. "This is very exciting!" commented Siena Miller on her first pregnancy.
2. Reese Witherspoon. In the summer of 2012 Reese was expecting her third child and, maybe this is one reason why she looks so confident even with a huge baby bump like this one! She looked radiant in her form fitting black dress as she was going to a family dinner. What more can we say, Reese can definitely pull off any maternity outfit she puts on!
3. Megan Fox. Worshiped by men and envied by women, Megan Fox has a reason to be proud of her good looks, even during her pregnancy. The 26 year-old American actress and a model, continues to be casual and sexy even in her final trimester with her floral patterned dress.
4. Shakira - Not long ago, on January the 22nd, Shakira gave birth to her first baby son Milan (meaning: "loving","dear" in Slavic). The 36 year-old singer proves my suspicion that black is definitely a trend among the famous moms.
5. Kate Middleton - And finally, what the world has been expecting to see for a long time - a royal baby bump. Kate Middleton has done extremely well with almost every outfit she wore in public. Are you curious yet, how she will do with the maternity outfits? I am definitely excited!
Of course, we have all heard about the pregnancy glow and its effect on mums-to-be, but there are a lot of factors, why these women look so gorgeous with their growing bellies. The secret hides in their outfit. Not only the outfits are beautiful, which they are, but they also must be very comfortable, complimenting and allowing freedom of movement. According to New Look, in a statement describing their new maternity line: "Mums-to-be should look as fabulous as they feel!" If you want a maternity fashion tip, here it is: Find clothes that do exactly that and most of all, try to enjoy every bit of your pregnancy!

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shoulder Buddies Review

Eowyn is at the age of fantastic imaginative play and can be found most days pulling a toy dog or cat around the house or dressing up her brothers Angry Birds in hats etc.
So when we were given the opportunity to review a Shoulder Buddy it sounded like the perfect little companion for her.

Here is what they have to say about them :
Launched in 2012 direct from the Land of Understand, Shoulder Buddies are the friends lending a little confidence in any situation!  Now with the first series sold out, new series of Shoulder Buddies are upon us-- offering even more friends for both boys and girls to collect, share and wear! 

Shoulder Buddies attach to a child’s clothing or backpack with the included magical coin!   Each Shoulder Buddy has a unique design on its belly, a matching “Smarts” collector card, along with a mad mane of hair that matches its colourful personality!  Wave two launches in January and introduces Oceana, Pirate, Flutter and Swish along with four other friends.  Additionally, there will be a special series available called the Gemstone Shoulder Buddies, who are inspired by true gemstones that brighten our world!"

Eowyn was sent Flora to review, she is pink with bright green hair and just the perfect size for Eowyn to clip onto her shoulder and whisper to her, which is so cute to watch!!

She has figured out how to clip her onto herself using the little star disc, her brother has learnt that she can be stuck to lots of different kitchen appliances!!

Shoulder Buddies will also be launching a Hello Kitty range, (I did not put Eowyn in that top on purpose, honest!)

I think the Shoulder Buddies area n excellent idea and perfect for a birthday present for any little girl, Eowyn clips her onto most clothing that she wears and I can hear her telling her lots of stories and explaining what is happening throughout the day, it is a joy to watch.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Affordable UK Days Out

I have very few memories of being inside when I was a child. My days were spent playing on the farm and travelling around the country to make the most of what the UK had to offer. Yet I can’t help thinking that nowadays children’s memories will be of films they watched and games they played, never leaving the living room, except to seek out food. As time goes on will square-eyes be an attractive feature? Despite the sometimes-gloomy weather, the UK is a beautiful country and has a great deal to offer, whatever your budget might be. So, turn off the TV, gather up everyone’s phone and invest in mobile phone recycling and get outside!

The National Trust is one of the UK’s proudest attractions and with locations based around the country you won’t have to travel far. It has the added benefit of being an educational trip, so children can get fresh air in their lungs and fresh thoughts in their minds. For those on a tight budget many of the National Trust properties have sections that have free entry or are free for children. They are the perfect combination of history, gift shops, cafes and countryside.

During the summer a great day out can be found cycling around the canal pathways. Pack up a picnic and pump up the tyres and set off on your adventures. There are several different canal networks in the country and it is worthwhile investing in a bicycle rack for the car and driving to the closest one for the day. This is a great day out for individuals, couples, friends and families. A picnic is, of course, essential, as is a repair kit. Other than these items this is a free day out that is both exhilarating and interesting.

It would be a shame to miss out on one of the most well-known and favoured attractions in the UK. Merlin Entertainments have many different attractions around the country that children absolutely adore. Some of these are more expensive than others, but if you keep your eyes open you can often find buy-one-get-one-free vouchers attached to household products like washing powder, or in magazines. Some of these attractions are better known that others, such as Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, but don’t forget Warwick Castle, Legoland and Madame Tussauds.

The key to finding affordable days out is to look in your local area and then move further afield as you cover more ground. In the majority of cases a good day or evening out can be found in your local museum or library. They often have workshops and exhibitions that are either free to attend or have a very small charge. They vary throughout the month so there is a steady stream of different events to choose from.

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

34/365 - 40/365 The Week In Pictures

I think this is beginning to become a habit, maybe I should just post once a week!!

The Children Raided our very large Fancy Dress Wardrobe!

This continued after school on Monday!!

The children made themselves Coke Floats!

All Aboard The Toy Train!

Snowflakes The size of 50 pence pieces!

Tyrus hiding his first haircut!!

Tyrus 'helping' to unstack the dishwasher!!

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

27/365-33/365 The Week In Pictures

This week has been extremely hectic and although the photos have been taken, I have not had a chance to put them up each day, so here is our week...

27/365 Neva building an ice lion with the remaining snow!

28/365 Tyrus helping out on a photoshoot Cake Smashing!

29/365 All six posing for a photo!

30/365 Tyrus feeding mummy a biscuit even if she didn't want it!

31/365 Not another school run mum!

32/365 I have had a LONG week at school!

33/365 Ssshh Don't Tell anyone I am on the laptop!!

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