Wednesday, 27 February 2013


With a large family transport is always a headache as you can imagine, we now need a vehicle that can transport nine people, which does not leave us with many choices!!
When we start looking for a car I like to know what other owners think of the car, so am very keen to read reviews, from people that have experienced the vehicle first hand.
The vehicle manufacturer Kia, which is one of Kaide's favourite brands, due to having three of his letters in it, have partnered up with the review site Reevoo, who collect, collate and publish car reviews from Kia owners.

All of the reviews are from genuine Kia owners and they are not edited in any way, each vehicle has a large amount of reviews, so it isn't just a few people commenting, some types have over 1000 reviews on the site, so you can really get an in depth knowledge of a particular vehicle, which is certainly something I would find very useful and may save consumers time and money. How many times have you thought you knew exactly what car you wanted, only to save up for it, drive it for a few weeks and decide that actually it isn't as great as you thought it was going to be!! (or is that just me...)
I think this is an excellent idea that I would like to see more car manufacturers sign up to, purchasing a vehicle is not a small purchase and any help to get the perfect vehicle would be most welcome.
If you are a Kia owner yourself, why not stop by the Reevoosite and add your own verdict, you never know, your words may be the difference between someone buying a Kia or something unsuitable!!

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