Thursday, 16 February 2012

Natural and Clean Products Review

The wonderful people at Natural and Clean sent me some of their fantastic products to review.

The first product we tried was the Whoops a-daisy. It is an absorbent rapid response for all body spillages, now as you can imagine in a house of eight, body spillages will happen, from a potty training toddler, to a school child tummy bug and a rugby playing husband, there have been incidents of blood, vomit and urine. With this  wonderful product, you just sprinkle it directly onto the spillage, and the very clever crystals expand and absorb the spillage, then after a few minutes you are able to clear away the mess using a dustpan and brush or vacumming it up.
So far we have tested on Urine and Vomit and it really is a remarkable product, definitely one I would recommend for a family with young children.

The Dry Carpet Cleaner comes with a little brush, it is very simple to use. If you have a stain on the carpet, which happens frequently in this house, the older children have a habit of spilling something and thinking that it will just miraculously clear itself up, therefore leaving the spillage to turn into a nice ugly looking mark on the carpet. With this product you vacuum the floor and then sprinkle the powder onto the stain, using the brush to get the powder into the carpet, after a minimum of 10  minutes, you then vacuum away.
It is a brilliant product and you don't have the inconvenience of a wet carpet, that you do with so many products, I would definitely recommend this product.

The next product was Spot Remover Wipes, the pack contains 25 wipes that can be used for cleaning stubborn spots and spills from carpets and fabrics. You literally just dab the wipe on the spill and rub in a circular motion and the spill just vanishes, my toddler saw me do this and said it was magic! not sure if that was a good move or not as she now thinks its OK if she spills something because mummy can do magic....

By far, my most favourite product from Natural and Clean is the

Whoops, Essential Baby and Toddler Clean Up Kit. It is fantastic and has everything you need for the car, when out travelling with children. It contains absorbent granules for clearing up body spillages, which can occur during long car journeys! Not only that but two Card Scraper/Scoops for clearing away the mess, two polythene gloves, two disposal bags, four spot remover sachets, Hand sanitiser and deodoriser. It really is the most wonderful little package I have ever seen!
It fits neatly in the glovebox of my car and is there for any type of child accident. So far I have only had to use a spot remover wipe when my toddler decided to fall asleep whilst eating a chocolate bar, resulting in chocolate being smeared all over the seat, the wipe was able to clean up all of the mess.
This Little Kit is amazing and I would urge all parents that are driving around with small children to purchase one, it cannot prevent your child from being sick or having a toileting accident, but it certainly helps to know that if either of these were to happen, then you have the right equipment to deal with it, a big thumbs up for these products.

Natural and Clean are the UKs cleaning specialists which offer a wide range of innovative and environmentally-friendly household, travel and pet cleaning products to leave your home fresh, clean and odour-free.
For more information, or to purchase some of their remarkable products please visit

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