Friday, 14 September 2012

SpinMania Game Review and Giveaway

You will have worked out by now that our family LOVE playing games, of any sort, so when I was asked if we would like to review Drumond Park's New Plate Spinning Game, Spin Mania we jumped at the chance.

The game consists of a motorised Spinning Machine with an electronic timer, three orange helicopter-like rotary plates, a ‘spin-spike’, and three purple stands on which to set the plates once they are spinning correctly.

The challenge is to ‘spin-up’ the three plates on the Spinning Machine one at a time – and then, using your spin-spike, transfer them, still spinning, to the three separate stands. All three plates must still be spinning on their stands as the player rushes back to the timer, stops the clock, and marks the time taken. Then the next player or players strive to beat the time recorded.

What’s very special about this game is that the player’s opponents are going to make things very tricky indeed! Before they start, all players must agree the playing area – this will be a specific room or rooms inside the house, or a defined area outside. Before each person takes his or her turn, the other players secretly place the plate stands around the agreed area. Each one must be reasonably easy to see – they can’t actually hide a stand, although it can be quite difficult to get to – under a table, for instance.

So players don’t just have to have excellent powers of concentration and steady hands – they need eagle eyes and a good turn of speed, too! Children can play and practise this clever and enthralling new action game on their own, but it’s much more fun to battle it out with one or more opponents in each round. And if they want to make a real party of it, there’s plenty of scope for team challenges, too!


I have to be honest, when I first read about it, I was very scepticle about how it would work, but the children were very keen as we have plate spinning sets in our playhouse, so they were all pretty confident that they could balance them easily.
The plate spinning machine is brilliant, my one year old loves sitting and just watching it spin the plates, but gets a little confused when he picks it up and the noise stops, which is a lovely safety mechanism, meaning that my three year old cannot walk around with it trying to play builders and `drill' my walls!!

The older children got very competitive and I found myself climbing on chairs to reach purple stands that were placed on top of bookcases, or crawling on the floor, trying to put the plates under my coffee table.

It really is a very compelling and challenging game, I love the fact that the game can be made easier or harder depending on who you are playing it with, meaning that all of the children could play together, with just a simple placement of the sticks in the most relevant places.

It can also be played outdoors, however the chickens were not too keen, especially when one of the children came charging up the garden with a bright orange spinning plate!!

The rrp of SpinMania is £22.99 and for a list of stockists please visit

It really is an entire family game that will have them laughing and trying to be as imaginative at they can, especially when it involves making it difficult for their parents!!

If you would like to win your very own Spin Mania game, I have one to give away, to be in with a chance of winning, just head over to Drumond Park and comment below which game is your favourite.
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