Thursday, 30 May 2013

I NEED some new Bras and Pyjamas !!

I have just turned 26 weeks pregnant, so only about 14 weeks left till the big day, as you know this will be baby number seven, so I guess you could say I have had plenty of practice and have lots of baby stuff left from the previous ones, the truth is, the only items that I still have are my Maternity and Nursing Bras and a few pairs of pyjamas.
The only reason that I still have these items are because I only stopped feeding Tyrus a few months back, and I already knew that I was pregnant by then, so i thought that I could keep them for Wiggly.

However, whilst getting dressed yesterday morning in a sleepy daze, something made me look down at the current underwear I had put on, and made me shudder!!

The Maternity Bras that I imagined were still bright and fresh with good support, are in fact extremely tatty and I really cannot see them lasting me until Wiggly arrives, so today I have been looking for some new Maternity and Nursing Bras.

As most of you know I am chair of our local NCT Branch, so I like to source anything that I can that helps them with their fundraising, therefore my first stop on my bra search was the NCT Shop.

They have a vast array of Nursing Bras to choose from, the decision of course is which ones to choose from!!

Whilst looking at the choice of Nursing Bras, I decided that a couple of my Nursing Pyjamas and Nightdresses could probably do with updating too, in fact some have become so stretched throughout my previous pregnancy I am having trouble getting them to stay up, but the Maternity Nightwear has some lovely items to choose from.

My only dilemna now, is which ones to choose...

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