Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Trying to be eco friendly.

Having such a large family, I have been met with some negative comments about over populating the planet, which is very frustrating and annoying.
We do not go on long haul flights and faraway holiday destinations, most of our trips are in the UK and we certainly try not to destroy the planet!

The children have had many lessons at school about environmentally friendly living, and they discuss issues at great length in their eco clubs.

It is a worrying issue and I do encourage them to do their part in being green.

When Tyrus was little I made the decision to change to cloth nappies and wipes, I purchase food locally and only in season.

The Ethical Superstore has some excellent products that can help us all to become slightly more environmentally friendly. One dilemna I always have is when we are on holiday, having eight of us to pack for you can imagine takes a lot of skill and patience, not to mentions LOTS of suitcases/holdalls, so cloth nappies are one item that I always panic about, especially storing them and the amount of room they take up, the easiest option is to take disposables, but I am concerned about the chemicals and time it takes for them to decompose, however eco nappies provide an alternative

Renowned for their environmental benefits and their skin friendly composition eco nappies are the increasingly popular choice of disposable nappy for busy parents seeking an alternative to conventional disposables.
Much better for the environment than conventional disposables and kinder to babies' skin, they are free from chlorine, latex, perfumes or lotions and are therefore perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Recommended for babies with eczema and other skin problems.

Made with up to 50% renewable raw materials, FSC certified cellulose derived from wood and 100% biodegradable inner fluff and backsheet film, ensuring that your little one won’t be starting life with a heavy carbon footprint.

Not only do they have eco friendly products to be used by mum, they also have some amazing toys for the children too, my favourites are

 The Horse Crocket set looks great fun, very vibrant and perfect for the summer holidays to keep the children amused.

The Recycled Pizza Parlour, the boys would adore this to play with, although I think Tyrus may actually try and eat it!!

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