Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Glitzi Globe Review

 The cutest, collectable DIY glittery snow globes around! Create adorable globes to pop, swap,share and wear! Girls can create and decorate their own mini snow globes that can become jewellery or pen toppers with a magical twist. These cute and quirky charms encouragecollectability. Simply make it, fill it and shake it! Along with the mini domes this kit comes with 1 mega dome that includes 3 Carousel Horses.Suitable for ages 4 and above.

All of the children really enjoyed making the Snow Globes, although Eowyn aged nearly five did need help from big brother Lochlan to put them together.

This is one of the first projects that I really did just leave them to do themselves, they chose which characters went in which Globe and who went in the big one.

The children even took the photos as they were going along.

Their verdict :

Eowyn (age 4) They were fun to make, my favourite is the little mouse in the bath, he is sooo cute

Neva (age 10) My favourite part was watching my two year old brother shake them once I had made them and not have a clue what they were! My favourite was the little purple bunny.

The only adult help that is required is when you have to put the water and glitter into the large dome and then attached the rubber seal and bottom, this took a few attempts to get it right and ensure no leakages!!

This kept most of the children entertained for an entire afternoon, and has kept the two year old transfixed for days, whenever he sees it he is mesmerised.

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