Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Lists For All Ages

Writing your Christmas list is something that you will remember from childhood well into your adult years. It’s a big part of the excitement of Christmas to sit down and write your letter to Santa. With a little thought, you can make this experience extra special, from your baby’s first Christmas, right up until they stop writing their letter to Father Christmas. Here are some great tips for Christmas list traditions for each age group.

For the first couple of years, your little one won’t really have any idea about what is happening at Christmas time. At best you can expect they might get quite excited about the lights and colours of the wrapping paper. Christmas at this early age is for you to enjoy making memories with your baby. Snuggling them up in their new clothes they’ve received and excitedly showing them their new toys is just as much for your benefit as theirs. Do something for them that will be there when they are old enough to appreciate it. Make a list on their behalf of all the things they receive, write a letter about your feelings on their early Christmases and take plenty of photos. This way you can show them when they are older how loved they were as infants.

Children of nursery and pre-school ages will have some concept of the festive period, and know about Santa. This is a wonderful time to introduce them to the idea of writing lists, although at this young age they will not have the literacy skills to do this themselves. There are a few ways round this that are actually great fun. The first is to get a catalogue, and help them to cut and stick pictures of their favourite dolls, puzzles, the Imaginext Castle, remote control cars, colouring pens, or whatever takes their fancy into a collage. The alternative is to make a video recording, with your child, which doubles as a fantastic way to preserve a memory.

From the moment your child starts primary school, they will begin to develop reading and writing skills. Even if your child is in reception they will likely be able to write some words by the time Christmas rolls around, and most will be keen to write their own letter to Santa. Help with spellings if prompted, but let their imaginations run wild in their letters. Use one of the online or postal services to get a reply to your child’s letter from Father Christmas himself – the NSPCC is a good one with the added benefit of donating to a fantastic charity.

Whatever the must have toy is, and whatever age your little ones are, there is a way to make a Christmas list an integral part of your Christmas tradition. So start making memories and get your kids excited for the holidays!

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