Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Booby Booster Review

The Booby Booster.

What a great little invention, wish I had one of these when Xene was breastfeeding.
I have never been one to be particularly large chested, but before I had any children I was average sized, then after I stopped feeding the first one they disappeared altogether!
So the only time that I have a decent size cleavage is when I am breastfeeding, not that I would recommend having a baby just to get big boobs!!

Anyway, as the pregnancies have gone on I am finding that my chest has increased and is not so young and firm, dare I say even a little droopy..
The Booby Booster has been great for feeding Tyrus, it acts as a little hammock for my breast and Tyrus is able to latch on much easier, plus my back doesn’t hurt half as much through stooping over, trying to get him to  feed, and there is no need to sit there holding my breast at the right angle and height, which means I am free to hold one of the other children’s school books and listen to them read, whilst feeding.
I would definitely recommend this to any expectant mum that intends to breastfeed.

You clip the hook onto the existing maternity bra clip, and basically cradle your breast in it, then adjust the strap to the required level, genius.
`A sling, that attaches to your maternity bra. It sits under the breast while feeding, assisting the breast to stay in place.
A heavy breast can cause the nipple to drop. The Breastfeeding sling helps avoid the nipple slipping out of the baby’s mouth while feeding, avoiding nipple damage and poor latch on.’
Go and check it out at http://www.boobybooster.com.au/

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