Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Armouron - Its Awesome !

Armouron is the brainchild of Sue Lipscombe, an animation set designer and mother to two young boys. After an unsuccessful mission to find a knight’s costume for her son, Sue decided to go one step better and embarked on creating one herself.
Sue came up with the idea of constructing a futuristic looking lightweight suit of armour that children could easily build and customise themselves for an individual look. Just attach the pieces together with `snapperons’ to create your armour! Add the accessory packs to your Armour suit to customise and unleash the hidden warrior within.

Kaide and Lochlan were sent a set of Armouron each to review, Kaide had red, Lochlan blue.
They were extremely excited when the boxes arrived. We tipped out the pieces and looked at the instructions. In our household I like to follow the instructions to the letter, on the other hand my husband Asa doesn’t bother looking at instructions and just begins putting pieces together. In all fairness both sets looked great, but it’s just `my thing’ that it has to be correct!

It did take a little while to put the basic helmet and chest piece together, but once this was completed, the boys were able to customise it to their own specification.
The snapperons are easy to clip together and have two different lengths, depending on how many pieces you are fixing together. Warning –they really hurt if you tread on one, so I would recommend they be put away after play!
The Armouron sets worked brilliantly for both boys, which is great, especially as there is a five year age gap, the brilliance of these sets is that they can be adjusted to fit many different sized children.
There are numerous accessories including swords and daggers, and the accessory packs can be added to the armour set to enhance it.
Both boys when asked have said it is “awesome”.
For more information and to purchase Armouron visit http://www.bandai.co.uk/

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