Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Zoobles are so cool

Zoobles are collectible, colourful balls that spring to life and magically transform into fun and cute charaters when placed on their happitat.

Neva age 8 adores Zoobles and was very excited to received their new `Mama and Zoobling Pack,'not just a zooble but one that has a special surprise waiting inside. We were lucky to have a yellow and green set called Unga and Bunga.

The baby fits nicely inside mummy, or can rest in the hammock or play on the swing.

They are for ages 4+, although Eowyn did like them too! Neva used to call them Bakugan for Girls before she knew their name, because of the way they pop open on a magnetic surface.

There are hundreds of different Zoobles to collect, and I think more of these will be on Neva's Christmas list!

Zoobles have a facebook page and you can visit their website and play lots of games.

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