Friday, 16 March 2012

Feeling Broody ?

No, it's not me, in fact it isn't anyone, much to the children's disappointment, the chickens that is, not mum!
Two years ago we had a very broody hen, so we decided to try and hatch some eggs, however for one reason and another, none of them hatched and our poor chicken became quite poorly, so I declared that we would NEVER try again because it was far too distressing.
However the children have managed to talk me round, but not with  a Broody Hen, this time we are going the incubator route...

Last weekend we ordered a Brinsea Octagon Eco 20 incubator and found a lovely lady on Ebay selling a mix of Orpington eggs, this is our favourite breed of chicken as they are big and fluffy and will tolerate all six of our children!!

On Wednesday evening we placed 18 Orpington Eggs into our incubator.....

We have made a chart to remind us when to turn them, which we are doing five times per day. My calculations mean that if we have a successful hatch they will appear on 3rd April, whilst the children are on their school Easter Holidays, I shall keep you informed on our progress.

If anyone has hatched chicks successfully and you have any tips, please feel free to comment, fingers crossed for some little chicks xxx



  1. How exciting, I've always wanted chickens and ducks. I can't wait to hear for updates

  2. i have always wanted chickens too! i dont have the space to do it though :( there is a great page on facebook local to us very friendly and you can always ask for advice if you need it on there xx