Friday, 30 November 2012


When I was just a young lady, aged 18, I used to work at a holiday camp as a children’s entertainer, but not only did I used to look after the children, my job at 6.30pm every night was to go into the adults only bar and be the bingo caller, yes that’s right, I was there with my two little ducks, snakes alive and my top of the shop! I used to love it when someone shouted “HOUSE” although it did make me jump nearly every time.

I have always loved the game and my Nan and auntie are what you would call Bingo regulars, and sometimes quite lucky too, usually around this time of year, which is great news for all their lovely grandchildren and nieces that they like to spoil at Christmas!

A friend of mine went for the first time to play Bingo a few months back and returned home with a brand new television, so you can win great prizes.

My nan goes off to Bingo in the afternoon, most days and she braves all sorts of weather, I have tried to explain to her numerous times that she can actually play Bingo without leaving the house, that Ladbrokes Bingo can actually set her up with an account and she can play whenever she feels like, without leaving the house. My dear Nan is not as young and spritely as she used to be, so I think, eventually she will give in and embrace the digital age. The site is very simple to use and there is even someone available to talk you through the whole process which would be perfect for my Nan. Could Christmas 2012 be the year my Nan turns computer geek….

This is a featured post, and takes me back to my younger days!


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