Thursday, 8 November 2012

GCHQ - Apprenticeships in British Intelligence

My husband went to University, I did not, not that I didn’t have the grades, just that I wanted to work, it was only after I had the children that I embarked on studying for a degree, not everyone is the same and we all need to make the decision that is right for us...
Having six children, I am sure that some of them will go to University, but that is not the only option available to them, there are other opportunities available, which offer a very different career path.
Imagine having your very own James Bond in the family.

The Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) is one of the three UK Intelligence Agencies and forms a crucial part of the UK’s National Intelligence and Security machinery, their primary customers are the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and law enforcement agencies.
The GCHQ are now offering an Apprenticeship in British Intelligence , working with MI5 (security Service) and MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service) this is a Higher Apprenticeship like no other.
Not only will you be learning about and working with the latest cutting edge technologies but you will also be earning a Salary and helping to keep your country a safer place to live. You will be based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
To be able to apply you need to have gained, or expect to have by September 2013, three A-Levels (or equivalent), two of which must be at Grade C or above in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) related subject.
I think this is an amazing opportunity for young people to really get a fantastic career; it is a far cry from the YTS schemes that used to offer £29.50 per week when I left school.
The application closes on 30th November 2012, for more information, visit
What are your views, do you think these kind of Apprenticeships will work, will it lead to other job sectors following suit and Offering Top Class job opportunities?

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