Thursday, 4 July 2013

Butlins Skegness - Activities and Entertainment Throughout the Day

All six children had a wonderful time during our stay at Butlins, there were so many activities available it was quite overwhelming at the beginning. You will never hear the words "I'm Bored"

 Dotted throughout the park were lots of statues and structures that all of the children HAD to climb on!!
There were various photo opportunities throughout the entire park, this waa by far their favourite and looking on the Butlins website, this is  popular family photo, although our whole family would have had a little bit of trouble fitting!!

The Skyline Pavilion had numerous shows and activities on throughout the daytime for the younger children

The older children may enjoy watching a film at the cinema, it is within the same complex, so not far for them to go, but gives them a feeling of indepndence

A very large sweet shop, that we visited before our journey home to buy each child a small treat and to get something for the grandparents, to say thankyou for looking after the rabbit and chickens whilst we were away!!

 There was a very tasty milkshake bar, that  the girls and Tyrus sampled whilst Asa, Kaide and Lochlan played Crazy golf, sshh don't tell them!!

There are numerous coin operated rides throughout the complex, although the girls did just seem to enjoy sitting in them and having their photo taken!!

The funfair was extremely popular with everyone, they even offer a chaperone service for children whose parents do not like to go on the rides - that won't ever happen in this family, as we enjoy them as much as the children, although I was only allowed on the carousel in my current condition!! The only thing that was slightly annoying is they would not accept Xene aged 15 as an adult to ride with the younger children, even though she towers above me...

Bob The Builders Yard was very popular with the youngest three

All of them enjoyed the Giant Beach and a perfect place to play Hide and Seek, and just a short hop from the real beach!!

There are various Play Areas both indoor and out, for all different ages, all of the children loved to run off steam, and the big ones were able to supervise the little ones, which meant I didn't have to squeeze my expanding belly into any small spaces!

The boys really enjoyed having `boy time' with dad playing Crazy Golf, made even better by the fact that Lochlan won a free game of golf, by completing a challenge on the last hole.

All of the activities were great and the children loved them all, however their highlight of the entire holiday was the Splash Waterworld, which we all went in nearly every day, for at least a couple of hours!!  Every single child loved it for different reasons, because there were so many different pools and activities, it really did cater for ages 2 to 15.

Neva adored the Lazy River, that pushed you around, with various spouting water canons.
Tyrus, Eowyn and Kaide loved the shallow pool that had small slides to go on, Tyrus became braver every time he went on it and ended up sliding backwards at one point!!

Xene and Lochlan went on the large water chutes with dad, although the queue was quite long they said it was worth the wait.

The wave machine pool was a huge hit with all of them, especially when the lifeguards threw numerous inflatable toys and balls in to liven it up!!

AND if that doesn't make you want to take a holiday at Butlins Skegness, here are my six lovely children to give you a video about it all xxx

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