Thursday, 13 March 2014

Born Lucky or Make Your Own Luck ?

Do you believe that a person is lucky ?

My mum always says that I am a lucky person, but that she isn't.
Which made me start thinking about things I had won.

At the end of last year I found out that I had won a years free shopping, which is amazing and I love spending the vouchers every month. It was a simple entry to a facebook competition, so no real skill involved.

Before I began blogging I was quite a keen comper, I would spend my evenings entering competitions, scanning my shopping for entry forms, filling out the WIN pages of the children's magazines.

I had quite a few wins, which certainly helped at Christmas and Birthdays, but I had put the effort in, so am I just naturally lucky, or just that I have put in more effort than, maybe my mum!!

Her sister has always been lucky, especially at the Bingo Hall and on the Fruit Machines, where someone would argue, it is purely luck.

A few months back my auntie hurt her leg rather badly, which meant she has not been able to attend the Bingo with my Nan (although I think Nan still sneaks off by herself!!) so she turned to online bingo, which has a HUGE amount of choice...

She decided to play online bingo with Paddy Power and I must admit she has been pretty lucky, but I suppose you could argue that it would depend on how much money is spent to get the win!!

Although she did win the family three holidays to the same Holiday Park, so maybe my mum should be rubbing shoulders with both my auntie and myself at once....

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Paddy Power.


  1. Interesting, with competitions I would imagine the more your enter the more you might win, but for each competition you have the same chance as everyone else... I'm no good at statistics, so I'll go with lucky :) #BlogClub

  2. Once upon a time I too would enter lots of competitions however I never really won anything that was all that fabulous. I do think that some people are luckier than other #BlogClub

  3. I have to say I think you make your own luck on the whole.

  4. I have won some great prizes over the years, but I don't comp as much now I blog - don't have the time. But I do agree that some people are luckier than others. :)

  5. I've had a bit of luck before, I won £800 at the bingo once. One of my facebook friends won over £1000 on online bingo, and she often wins a couple of hundred every month on there. I think I might have to join her! #BlogClub

  6. With regards to competitions, it's just the luck of the draw, not personal luck, but it's still nice to win lots of fab prizes #blogclub