Sunday, 2 March 2014

#Project365 Days 47 - 60

February Half Term was very much about Butlins!

Day 47 - Another use for strawberry pencils !
Day 48 - Eowyns holiday bedroom
Day 49 - Lochlan at the top of North Hill
Day 50 - Tyrus was fascinated by the seagulls that gathered outside our apartment.
Day 51 - Our very own Skyline Gang
Day 52 - Relaxing on the deckchairs
Day 53 - Tyrus eating some skittles

Day 54 - Eowyns first  rubgy training session
Day 55 - Kaide is very pleased with his new dinosaur book
Day 56 - Tyrus is having fun with Doc McStuffins microphone

Day 57 - Viggo is growing so fast
Day 58 - Lochi deeply engrossed in putting a new lego car together
Day 59 - Viggo has his first taste of banana and loved it!
Day 60 - Eowyn modelling the flower garland she made

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  1. thats a very nice flower garland. Yes babies do grow so quick. Great concentration going on with the lego building

  2. Gorgeous shots - great to see the line up there and pretty dressing up shots too. Long may the love of banana continue - such a helpful out&about snack!

  3. Hehe boys and there lego no matter how old they get they never grow out of it .

  4. Beautiful photos, it's love to look back and have 1 photograph which sums up your day #blogclub

  5. what great photos... I remember Summer's first taste of banana, she didn't like it. lol