Friday, 23 September 2011

Fab Effex review

The girls were kindly sent a Fab Effex kit to review, when being matched up with Spinmaster Toys and Blog Match

Both girls were extremely excited to be chosen to test out this brand, as they had both showed an interest when seeing the adverts on television.

When it arrived, we opened the parcel to find that we had been sent a Dress Up doll making kit, which was the perfect kit for my two daughters, as Xene has already shown a keen interest in fashion design and Neva just loves Art and Craft in general.

As the girls are aged 8 and 13, I was able to leave them to it and see what developed.
Both girls had great fun creating different designs and outfits. They looked at the enclosed leaflet for some ideas and then used the principles but with their own colour scheme.

Both girls said it was easy to work with and was great fun, the only negative that we found was that if you left the dolls out on the side with the clothes on, and it was sunny, the material and waxy backing stuck to the cardboard doll, however if you are making 3D effects or models, then this wouldn't be a problem.
They found the large pieces of material quite hard to cut into small shapes, although my very sharp craft scissors worked fine.
It is a very versatile material and can be used for a number of uses. Dress up dolls have certainly moved on since I was little, the only thin we used to have was little bits of card that we folded over to hold the clothes in place!
I would definitely recommend the Fab Effex, and there are many different kits available, so can be bought for most ages and both boys and girls.
I have a feeling some more kits will be on the Christmas List.

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