Wednesday, 21 September 2011

KiddyBalm Review - So Many Uses

Kiddy Balm's fresh, but delicate aroma is especially created for children and babies over 3 months, it is easy to apply and not messy, being readily absorbed into the skin.  It is gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive skin.For fast and effective relief from nasal congestion, skin irritations, heat rash, insect bites, stings and so much more!  It is a natural, paraben and toxin FREE balm.
An all natural product containing:   Eucalyptus  Camphor  and Menthol  I was very kindly sent this little wonder pot to review. It has a lovely smell and really does have many uses. Its first job was to cool Xenes shaving rash, as she had picked up a blunt razor, as we have all done at some time in our lives! She was complaining of it hurting, so I thought I would give it a try, she said that it did help and made it feel much better.
Next to test drive the Balm was Kaide who decided against mummy's advice to go out and play on the swings in bare feet and stood on a Bumble Bee, it took the sting away for the initial pain, and then I moved onto my usual cure toothpaste, for anyone that hasn't tried it...
Eowyn had a very snuffly nose, so again I applied the KiddyBalm and this really helped.
It can also be used when travelling on an aeroplane as it helps hugely with the air cabin pressure/congestion that is sometimes hard for little ones to tolerate - I am afraid I cannot let you know about that one, unless I win the lottery or a wonderful PR company decides they would like a mad family of eight to test drive a family holiday (someone has to try new places out surely ?!)
I have also been told by the good people at Slade & Ottewill that if rubbed onto the soles of my feet at bedtime, it leads to a wonderful nights sleep, hmmm a full nights sleep, don't think I can remember one of those since 1997......
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  1. I loved the Kiddy balm, I had some restless nights with my little and his chickenpox a friend recommended Kiddy Balm to help relieve the itchiness and it did! and he slept right through and was much happier the next morning, great result all round!!

  2. Kiddy Balm is great very useful and does calm my daughter down and helped her sleep when she had a cold, I carry my all the time.