Monday, 10 December 2012

Notcutts Christmas Lights Review

Every year we have had a REAL Christmas Tree, this year, we explored the possibility of having an artificial one, however all of the children were completely against it!
So we ventured out on Friday afternoon to pick a REAL tree from the local Garden Centre.
We chose a lovely 6 foot Christmas Tree and brought it home!

With quite a large tree we need lots of lights on it, before the children cover it in every decoration imaginable. So I was very excited when we were given the opportunity to review some lights from Notcutts...

They came in a very sturdy box that we can store them in which is excellent as I always seem to have to untangle all of the lights each year!!

Here they are on the Christmas Tree, as you can see they are so bright the camera went a bit nutty!!
Usually we need to have two sets of lights on, but with these, they are certainly bright enough by themselves, in fact Eowyn asked me for a pair of sunglasses because they are so bright!!

And here is the finished tree once the children had added the essential baubles, stockings, Disney ornaments, in fact anything they could find!!

The lights are superb and light up the entire room, they have a really long lead on them, meaning we do not need an extension lead to run them, which is a first.

Notcutts have an excellent range of Christmas decorations on their site, they are just up the road in Sunny Suffolk, so not too far at all.


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