Wednesday, 12 December 2012

#TeamSkylanders Introducing Shadow Slayer

 The final Skylander created in the Morrison Household is by Lochlan aged 12.

This Skylander is called Shadow Slayer, he is an Undead Skylander.
Attack 1 : Shade Slash - Slices opponents with Shadow Claws.
Attack 2: Shadow Rocket - Gathers Darkness inside his body and releases a blow of darkness.
Upgrade Attack: Vampire Slash - Gains health whilst attacking enemies.
Description: Shadow Slayer was originally called Slayer, before being consumed by darkness, once meeting a witch and was cursed forever, however he trained long and hard in the Underworld to eventually meet Master Eon and became one of the Skylanders.
Strength: 50
Defence: 30
Speed: 70
Luck: 80
This is Lochlans creation, a much darker skylander than the brightly coloured crab of Kaide and the Fluffy white polar bear of Neva. His favourite characters are Chop Chop, Hex and Ghost Roaster from the first Skylander game, and he has quite a few of the Giants on his list for father Christmas this year...
Lochlan is the Skylander expert of the family and frequently beats his dad (Lochlan disagrees and says it is EVERY time!)
I have played the game once and managed to beat Lochlan, ( I just kept hitting the buttons!) so I shall not be picking up a controller again, guaranteeing a 100% win rate...

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