Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Haba 75th Anniversary GlobeFish bath Toy

I had heard many people talk about Haba, and to be honest I wasn't too sure what they were all about, I knew they were something to do with toys and that's about it. When a call was put out for Bloggers to celebrate their 75th anniversary I knew they had to be pretty good to have been going that long, so I took a look at their website www.haba.co.uk to discover that they were in fact a German Toy Company.

I was intrigued and very pleased to be chosen as one of the Bloggers to test out some of their toys (well, I say me, in fact the toys are in fact meant for Tyrus!!)

Our first toy was a bath toy called a Globefish, it is a very brightly coloured fish with lots of bobbles on it.

When we first gave it to Tyrus, he eyed it suspiciously, but after a while he worked out that it did actually belong in the bath and it wasn't some strange creature that was there to attack him!

Do these bobbly bits come off?

As you can see from the photo below, this has become quite a favourite with Tyrus, I like it because it doesn't squirt too far, meaning his older brothers can't soak the entire bathroom
 It empties out easily once bath time has ended, meaning that it doesn't go black and horrible as some bath toys do.

Look out tomorrow for another Haba toy, this one is definitely worth reading about, as it has become Tyrus's VERY BEST toy EVER....

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