Wednesday 26 June 2013

Positive Nursing In Public Experiences & Funny Breastfeeding Memories - Rugby Club Here We Come!!

Oooh Nursing in Public, that always gets a good reaction!

I have been breastfeeding on and off (more on than off) for the past fifteen years and two months - I have the teenager who towers above me to prove it!!

Throughout my many years of feeding, I have spent quite a large chunk of it feeding my babies whilst we are out and about, its very difficult to tell a toddler that they can't go to the park because their brother/sister needs feeding EVERY hour, so it really was just a case of feeding them wherever...

Park Benches are quite tame compared to my husbands Rugby Club, but that has been THE best and most relaxed place that I have ever found myself feeding..

Would you feed in front of this lot. It's really not that bad!!

I have been supporting my husband at his rugby club for nearly seventeen years, so have been part of the furniture really. 
On numerous occasions I have had to feed our little ones whilst showing my support and I have to say it has always been totally fine. I remember one day sitting to feed one of them (can't remember which one now!) and one of the rugby team came over to speak to me, as he approached, he realised that I was feeding, but they are so used to it, he wasn't phased at all, but announced in a rather loud voice "Stay back boys, Mandi has her boobs out again, give her some peace, nothing that we haven't all seen before" and with that walked back to the bar and waited until I had finished feeding before coming to hold a conversation.

So, there you have it, one of the places you thought may be a little embarrassing is in fact one of the easiest places to feed.

Funny breastfeeding memories usually involve squirting milk! I am still amazed at how far it can jet propel from your breast to cover everything in the vicinity....

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  1. I accidentally squirted my eldest when my youngest took a break from the boob. she found it hilarious

  2. I answered the door to the postman with one boob half hanging out as I had just been feeding my son, I didn't even realise until after I had closed the door! Luckily it was a temp postie and not our regular!

  3. Thanks for sharing, its really nice that you have so much support and acceptance, its a real positive piece. when my daughter was about 6 months old I was attending a close family members funeral. She had been really good through the service, sitting with Grandma and Grandad as I did my reading up front, but by the time we were graveside she was definitely hungry.... I knew if anyone was going to be able to hear what was happening I'd have to feed her.....I apologised to the vicar and he said "the needs of the living far outweigh those of the deceased, you carry on".

  4. It's easier to nurse in public in a sling so you don't have to stop what you're doing and sit down. Also as they're upright it can reduce reflux. Visit a local sling meet/library for advice.

  5. I fed my DD in the waiting area of a garage a few days ago whilst waiting for my car to be fixed, 3 mechanics were standing right in front of me behind the counter. i don't think any of them noticed :)

  6. I don't have any funny moments in public (possibly thankfully!), but my funniest time was when my baby got completely squirted in the face (and I mean tons of milk!) after he pulled away, made me giggle through my exhaustion! Brilliant!

  7. No funny stories but loving the blog

  8. I often have to tandem feed my toddler and her soft toys!