Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I'm Going to Brit Mums!

See you at BritMums Live! 2013

Name: Mandi - My `proper' name is Amanda, but only my  mum calls me that when she is cross!!
BlogHex Mum all about the family,  Breast 4 Babies for my peer supporting (although very neglected - lots of posts due for Breastfeeding week) and our very new family travel blog, with my wonderful husband Big Family Little Adventures
Twitter ID@Hex_Mum    @Breast4Babies    @BigFamilies
Height: 5ft 2 inches 
Hair: Shoulder length Red - I had it cut today!
Eyes: Some days Hazel, others really Green, especially when I cry!
Is this your first blogging conference?
Yes, and I can't wait, although quite nervous!
Are you attending both days?
Definitely, a night away from six children!! (Only joking and I am sure my husband will amuse them all)
What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013?
Meeting lots of bloggers that I have been chatting virtually with for the last two years and hoping to improve my little blog!

What are you wearing?
Haha, well I thought I had it sorted, I have a lovely T-Shirt and necklace from my Sponsor, Teething Bling so I thought just a nice pair of comfy maternity trousers, then maybe if the weather is nice a Pretty Dress, as this baby is making me extremely hot. However on trying various pairs of trousers yesterday I could not find a pair to fit, so thank goodness for asos and next day delivery, I shall know what I am wearing sometime tomorrow!!
What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013?
I want to attend the workshops and really get to grips with the parts of my blog I am not too sure about and put lots of faces to Blog Names.
Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows
When I was 13 I got hit by a car, I was OK after a week in hospital, but when the temperature is below 4 degrees all of my scars are visible!! As the weather is going to be brilliant sunshine you won't get to see them this time

Taken at the Rugby Ball last weekend, I don't like photos!!

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  1. Loved reading your post! I'm really looking forward to BritMums Live - sure you are too - looks like it will be a great event.
    if you see me wandering around please say hello as I'd love to meet you IRL :)

    Best wishes