Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Top Ten Breastfeeding Tips from a mummy of six

As a mummy of six children, seventh on the way, who have all been breastfed until 18-22 months, I have spent quite a long time doing this feeding lark, so here are my top tips

1. Take each feed a step at a time.
The recommended time to exclusively breastfeed is six months, but when you first start that can seem like an awful long time, so if you find yourself struggling, just take one feed at a time, every one will be different so just take it slowly.

2. Ignore The Ignorant.
You will at some point, come across people that have negative views or feelings about breastfeeding, my top tip is to IGNORE THEM, you are giving your baby THE best start in life and no-one can take that away from you.

3. Involve Daddy.
Your husband/partner cannot physically breastfeed your baby but he can be involved, give him the very important job of ensuring that YOU are looked after during this time, supplying you with food and drink as required.

4. Tell Yourself How Great You Are.
Even if you don't look or feel great, what you are doing for your baby is AMAZING, providing them with everything they need, YOU ROCK!

5. Talk To Others In The Same Situation.
There are lots of support groups and Baby Cafes available for you to go along to and meet other breastfeeding mummies, our local one is fabulous and we sit and drink tea and there is always cake!!

6. Gadgets are not essential
When you begin breastfeeding at the beginning, you will notice there are many different lotions and potions, pumps and pads available, these may be useful later on in the breastfeeding journey, but at the beginning all you really need is baby and boobs. The actual breastmilk is fabulous for putting on your nipples after a feed, you can express enough milk needed for baby just by hand expression - remember their tummies are only the size of a marble when they are born.

7. Follow Your Instincts.
You and your baby have a very close bond and you should always follow your own instincts and not be influenced by outside advice, I don't know how many times I have been told, to stop picking the baby up, or you will make a rod for your own back!! The truth is, that little bundle has been snuggled up inside your tummy for the last nine months, listening to your heartbeat, when he or she enters the world it is a big change, so they feel safest when near to you, which is why breastfeeding is the perfect way to feed your baby, all snuggled up together.

8. Try Different Positions.
All babies are different, what works for one, may not work for another, breastfeeding to start with is a learning journey for you both, working together to find out which is the most comfortable and successful position for feeding, some will be cradled in your arm, others will prefer the rugby ball hold, as my midwife told me, whatever works, if it means hanging from the ceiling and it works for you, then fine!

9. Follow Baby's lead.
This tiny little bundle is fantastic he or she will know when their tummy is empty and when they need a refill, they don't have in built clocks or feeding schedules, but they just know, so watch for their cues, if they start to sniff and lick their lips, they begin rooting or sucking their fist, their little eyes begin to flicker, this is their very clever way of telling you, its time for more food.

10.Every Baby Is Different.
Each of my breastfeeding journeys have been unique, no two babies have fed the same or had the same routine, some would feed for a long time with hours in between, others would snack little and often, just as we are each individuals with our own  personalities and requirements, so too are these little bundles of joy. 

I hope you have found these tips interesting and you can relate to them, and Good luck with your Breastfeeding Journey xxx

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  1. i loved my scarf. saved a lot of moments when i felt self concious

  2. Don't be afrraid of co-sleeping, especially in the early days. Just follow the guidelines and your own instincts and common sense - it makes those night feed so much easier and more relaxed, you both get more sleep and it helped my milk supply too.

  3. Follow baby, to many people have told me to get my son into a routine but he knows when he is hungry and Im not going to say no you cant have a feed for another 20 mins lol.

  4. Breastfeeding gets so much easier and quicker once your baby grows a bit and you both get the hang of it. If you struggle in the early days remember this will pass, get some help positioning and soon you will be feeding like it's second nature. A lot of women also get a nice hormonal cocktail of wellbeing when they feed which is a seldom mentioned bonus. It's lovely in the middle of a busy day to sit down with your baby and feel totally chilled and content!
    Belinda belindadervish@me.com