Monday, 13 January 2014

Disney Infinity - The Game For All Ages!

About this time last year Lochlan was raving about a new game that was coming out in August based around Disney, which immediately got the interest of the girls!

So, we waited until it had been out a short time before making the decision to purchase the starter pack for the X Box, it was a `present' from their baby brother Viggo.

The game consists of a disc that goes into the console and a base unit, that you can place two characters on, and a power disc.
The starter pack gives you three characters to start your collection.It is available on Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, XBox 360, PC and iOS.

The great thing about this game, which I think has a slight edge on the others is that EVERYONE can connect with Disney, if you ask anyone I am sure they will have at least one favourite Disney character.

With so many films, the number of characters that they can add to the set is very vast.
They are bringing them out in waves, which means they are perfect for christmas and birthday presents.

The price of the characters are not too expensive and they have the added bonus of power discs that can be purchased for a few pounds to enhance the gameplay, perfect pocket money buys!

In our house Xene aged 15 enjoys playing it as much as Tyrus aged 2, so it really is a family friendly game.

For christmas this year six of the children had particular Disney characters on their lists.

The characters are very detailed and look just like their character from the film.

Bit of a Johnny Depp theme going on!
Wreck it Ralph!

They are not flimsy and can withstand Tyrus picking them up and playing with them as toys!

Xene chose Rapunzel
Lochlan Wreck it Ralph and Vanelope
Neva Elsa from Frozen
Kaide Toy Story
Eowyn Violet
and they all agreed that Tyrus would love to have Mickey mouse (nothing like a bit of sibling influence!)

As you can see Eowyn loves putting the different characters on the base, one of the great things about it is they just have to be placed on, there are no fiddly connections or getting them in a particular position, although Tyrus's favourite game is waiting until two of his siblings are deeply involved in the game, running in, swiping one of the characters and running into the other room giggling madly!!

There are two different Modes, Toy Box, that you can build your own world and Play that you complete mini adventures.
I have managed to get one game on it so far, which was rather fun, I was able to use rapunzels Frying pan to whack Buzz Lightyear and my character Wreck It Ralph was able to pick up Buzz and hurl him across the sand!!

The only change I would make is to have the option to add more characters to allow more than two people to play at once.

A very fun family game, that will keep the children entertained for hours, there doesn't seem to be an end to the game, as new characters are introduced and you build new worlds, the game play really is INFINITE....

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! It's great to see families enjoying Infinity together!
    Thomas Estrada- Infinity animator