Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I LOVE my new coat !

I love being outside with the children IF I am warm enough, I always find that I ensure all of the children are all wrapped up warm, but I forget about myself.
Most mornings on the school run each child is packed off with coats, hats and  gloves and I will probably get in the car in just a t-shirt, it is only when I get half way to school that I realise I am a little chilly!!

So, when the wonderful people at GO Outdoors asked if I would like to choose a winter coat to review, I tried not to sound too desperate!

First thing I had to do was decide on a coat, which sounds simple, but not with the amount of choice on the website, there were so many to choose from, it took an entire evening of careful consideration, reading about each coat and deciding if I would look good in a particular colour. I always choose my colouring from the autumn palette, so lots of browns and greens, would I break the habit of a lifetime and go for some way out there colour ....

Er no, I found a perfect coat in brown and green!

It is called Regatta Huski Women's Waterproof Jacket.
I placed my order and it was delivered the very next day, perfect for the rain, followed by massive hailstones!!

I ordered a size 10, now that I am no longer the size of a house and it fits perfectly, there is room to put on a base layer and a thin jumper, although the coat is so warm, I haven't worn more than one layer underneath.

The entire inner of the coat is soft and warm, the hood keeps the wind and rain out without restricting my view.

It is perfect for wearing Viggo in his sling, as it is not too big and bulky.

It has numerous pockets and you can adjust the sleeves and neck to fit your individual body shape.

I cannot wait to go out and try it in the snow, when it arrives.

It is lightweight enough that I can slip it on as I rush out of the door in the morning and dash into the car, I can keep it on whilst driving, which is one of my biggest problems, I can't stand driving with a big, bulky coat on, I would rather freeze.

Both Xene and Neva are the same size as me and have both said how much they like it, which is great news for Go Outdoors, but maybe not for me, as I may go to put it on one morning and find that it is missing!!

If you are looking for a new coat for any member of the family, I would definitely recommend Go Outdoors, the quality of their products is excellent, but their prices are extremely reasonable.

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