Saturday, 11 January 2014

#Project 365 Days 5-11

Day 5 - Viggo has started to grab his toys, although I think the superhero theme may have been all of his brothers' influence!

Day 6 - We cleared out two of our attics and made the decision to turn two of the children's old cabin beds into a treehouse at the bottom of the garden, prepare for Morrison treehouse 2014 updates...

Day 7 - I returned to being a Breast feeding Peer Supporter and a size 10 tunic, instead of a 16 whilst pregnant!! (but I still don't like being photographed)

Day 8 - Eowyn has finally got a turn on Disney Infinity and she is very happy!!

Day 9 - Tyrus's favourite past time is dragging a chair to reach what he requires, unfortunately he keeps reaching too far and ends up legs dangling shouting "Too far"

Day 10 - Neva has got the age where she can converse with her friends online, their favourite game at the  moment is MineCraft, but I keep thinking she is talking to me!!

Day 11 - Viggo has fallen in love with his swing, which is a good thing as he is SO heavy, it's nice to put him down occasionally!

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  1. Love the batman outfit in pic 5 - so cute :) your pics are so sweet