Sunday, 19 January 2014

#Project 365 Days 12 - 18

 Day 12 - Viggo learnt to roll over today, he was very pleased with himself, now it all begins!!

Day 13 -  That Monday morning feeling! both Kaide and Eowyn fell back to sleep after eating their breakfasts...

Day 14- Tyrus has a fascination with my hair when its up, he keeps trying to sneak up behind me and grab my hairband, this resulted in mega tickles!


Day 15 - Brotherly Love

Day 16 - The School Run, today Kaide was sent home early as he had bumped his head on the climbing apparatus, so it was just the girls to pick up today.

Day 17 - Jackdaw Rescue, the birds that live near our house have a habit of perching on top of the chimneys and falling in, we spent the entire afternoon trying to coax one out, which actually turned out to be three large Jackdaws...

Day 18 - College Application, Xene spent Saturday putting the finishing touches to her personal statement she needs for college, it only seems like yesterday she was born.

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  1. Lovely pictures! well done to Viggo on rolling! Your kids all have such cool names btw :D

  2. Look at that face in day 12, he is totally chuffed

  3. fingers crossed she hears from college soon and they dont keep her hanging on xx

  4. Some lovely family moments. I hope she gets into the college she wants! I love the brotherly love photo so sweet!

  5. Lovely photo's of your week! How cute is the baby!

  6. Oh I adore the Day 15 photo, so sweet!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.